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by Michael "DTA" Leder

Braves and Giants was a classic example of how one minor blown call can ruin a game; possibly the entire playoff picture. The fourth inning stolen base by the Giants Buster Posey setup the Giants for an unjust win, and this is why Major Leauge Baseball needs to use instant replay consistently.

I personally witnessed the walkoff homerun by Brian McCann weeks before that was later reviewed by umpires and became the first game in the history of baseball to be ended by a reviwed call.

Why this hasn't been in use before is stupid, it doesn't take away anything from the game except an umpires pride, which should be irrelevant. The instant replay clearly showed that Buster got busted stealing second, yet he win on to score the only run of the match! Major Leauge Baseball should not be comfortable letting this happen, especially in a Division Leauge Series. The pitching matchup was incredible and it is a discrace to the game of baseball that professionals don't ensure the correct calls are made.

Hopefully, one day, the majors will get up to speed with the rest of the world and utilize the technology that has been available. Without the blown call by umpire PAUL EMMEL the game would have certainly gone into extra innings. The Braves look to get back at the Giants tonight with Tommy Hanson pitching against Matt Cain. Bobby is going to need to reconsider his lineup.

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  1. Are you going to be covering today's opener against the Nationals?? I'm watching the game while I look up stats on the Nationals with Google TV through my employee subscription to DISH Network. This season’s going to be great. I have a strong feeling the Braves are going to win this game and many more.