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Braves week one report card.

The Braves are 3-4 after a memorable opening day. Jason Heyward hype reached a fever pitch, Chipper is hurt, Prado is leading the world in batting average, and Derek Lowe starting 2-0 are the main story lines I see so far. All right lets get down to business.

1b Troy Glaus D
I like his defense and his ability to make contact but when is he going to hit a home run? He hasn't hit one all spring and I am really beginning to question his abilty. I would use him at third base and play Hinske at first base. Hinskes swing looks great although not as good on defense. Troy is having a hard time but I expect him to turn around......eventually.

2b Martin Prado A+
Prado is hitting .519 with a lonely r.b.i. and 4 walks. His presences batting second is invaluable and as I predicted he will have a huge season.

SS Yunel Escobar C+
Had some big hits and ranks second on the team with 6 r.b.i. He looks focused and loose as ever. He should see better pitches with the emergence of Jason Heyward.

3b Chipper Jones B -
Only hitting .167 but was responsible for winning one game last week with one swing. It's not his fault he got hurt and I heard that it is an injury like a hamstring, it lingers for a long time.

OF Jason Heyward A
The 10 strike outs in 26 ab is something to worry about. Jason has risen the interest in the Atlanta Braves baseball to a level it hasn't seen in 10 years. He is tied with Prado for total bases with 17 and leads the team with 3 home runs and 9 r.b.i. He is one pace for a great year.

OF Nate Mclouth F -
He has saved some runs in the outfield but with 2 total bases and 8 strike outs in 17 ab is pathetic. He looks so amped up, maybe Pendalton needs to smoke a doobie with him. Get a grip Nate!!

OF Melky Cabrera F
I like watching the strange fellow play and he looks great in a Braves uniform but hitting only 103. is not going to cut it. I would like to see Matt Diaz but Bobby likes Melky's experience and glove.

Bench C
In 6 ab Hinske is slugging 833. and Infante's versatility is a plus but Diaz hitting 233. isn't adding much punch.

Take out Jair's less than stellar game and its not bad at all. Hanson looks sharp and Derek has been a master stabilizer. Look for a great rebound from Jair Jurrjens. I predict 7.2 innings 4 hits and 2 runs.

Would be a A + if it wasn't for Wagner's blown save. Saito, Moylan and O'flaherty have yet to give up a run. And Chavez looks like he could delay Kimbrel's arrival.

Coaching B
Bobby was ejected again and that's always cool. But I fear he may stick with Glaus and Mclouth to long and cost him games early.

Jason Treadway


  1. Agree with you for the most part, although Glaus has had a few shaky plays at first- maybe Hinske should get some more abs.CF a problem for both players, maybe let Infante play a game or two in center when we're in smaller ballparks. I'm a little concerned with Lowe, but hey, he does have 2 wins.Did you forget our allstar catcher? I'd give Brian a solid B: good hitting, threw some runners out, but a few defensive lapses. He hits with the best of them and handles the staff well, but people seem to overlook the errors he racks up every year. Hope this week goes better.

  2. Yes I did miss him thank you for pointing that out. A B is a good grade, he needs to work harder on throwing some runners out.

  3. so of course after riding Glaus a little he breaks out with long homer and some sharp liners. Hope the trend continues. Only downside to the night was 2 more errors (Glaus and Brian). They didn't affect last night's outcome, but those are the kinds of things that bite you in the backside over the course of a year.

  4. He will get his numbers and I am happy to see he hit one out. Good job on the west coast road trip. Lets hope they match the intensity of a young and talented team in the Rockies.