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Tigers offer Johnny Damon 2 years 14 million.

Let the bidding war begin!! Will Frank Wren pony up and pay Damon or will they save the cash for re-singing some of their young pitching? Time will tell. Damon reportedly turned down a two-year contract for $14 million from the Yankees earlier this winter and later declined a one-year offer for $6 million.

It seems Scot Boras is either hammering out the details of his contract with Detroit now or he doesn't want to play there. The White Sox have also shown interest.

He batted .282 with 24 home run, 36 doubles and 82 RBIs last year -- mostly hitting second. Damon hit .305 in the leadoff spot for New York in 2008.

Johnny Damon has earned $97 million in his career, batting .288 with 207 homers, 996 RBIs and 374 steals.

The guy needs to sign with Atlanta. He gets clutch hits and has great hair. I just don't want the Braves neglecting a more important component . If the Brave sign Damon it will give me the impression that Management thinks they can make the playoffs. If they don't sign him it's a tip off they are waiting for next year.


  1. I wonder if there is any thinking by the Braves that somehow they can get in on the Crawford sweepstakes at some point in the future instead? I know the Braves wouldn't be heavy favorites for his services but it would be worth making a hard run at him, he seems like he could be an absolute super star hitting the National League pitchers.

  2. most of damons career numbers are in fenway and yankee stadium. when u put him in a park like turner field he will not produce at all.

  3. The size of the park impacts power but that is it. We wouldn't be worried about power with Damon. We needed his leadoff skills and stats.