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Jordan Schafers New Ink

Jordan Shafers new arm sleeve. It's an Italian marble Renaissance sculpture by Michelangelo. Its says " Our greatest glory is not in rising but in the rising after the fall" That is deep.

Don't tease him its a holy thing for young Jordan. The Journey is long and arduous.

Maybe the 50 game suspension he got for using steroids forced some introversion to catch the perspective needed for the next stage of his development.

I don't think Jordan is in control of his virility. His ego will lay prostrate at Gwinnetts field next year.

Last year at this time Jordan Schafer was this years Jason Heyward.

Now he is at best a 5th Outfielder with a nice sleeve from All or nothing tattoo .


  1. I don't believe it was ever stated that Jordan did steroids or HGH. He was linked to it because of an association. But he took the high road and never complained or whined that he never did them because he knew it was wrong to be associated with someone involved. I admire him and believe he will make a great comeback and be our starting centerfielder in 2011. He has a lot of grit, faith and determination. Go get 'em Jordan.

  2. I thin hr will be starting in CF next year too but not next year. Here is quote from Jordan Schafer

    "So I was taking responsibility for what I did - and I was wrong for being around that. I should've never gotten around the situation. I never took a steroid or anything to make me better. But at the same time, I knew what was going on and I hung around those people and I didn't say anything."

    Thank you for your feedback Griff.

  3. Glad you found that. I was sure he did not say he had taken them but was somehow associated with someone involved. I really admired his accountability. He never complained and whined, just took it like a man. He's still a great player and would have had a monster year last year if he hadn't been hurt. He will be back.