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Braves close to signing Dominican prodigy.

The Braves are the front-runner to sign 6'-3" 18 year old Dominican shortstop Edward Salcedo. The Indians tried to sign Salcedo in 2007 for $2.3 million until concerns over his age nullified their interest. The Braves have since initiated an investigation into his age and now Edwards' agent has told the AP that the Braves are the leaders for signing him. If he signs with the Braves for his asking price in 2007 it would be double the amount the Braves has ever paid a Latin player. Here is an all around look into the young shortstops playing style from an eyewitness.
"ohhhhh man I could not be any happier for this kid as I used to play and practice with him when I was 12 and Iwent to the Dominican Republic for my 2006 summer vacation and I was practicing and playing for the same team as him. Man this kids' talent was jaw dropping and all who saw him play were really impressed, I remember looking up to him as a player and person. His personality and humility far out shined him as a player I remember him making a diving catch from 3rd one game, yes he was playing third and not short. Anyways I thought he had no chance at getting the dude out but from his knees he made a throw that I would never forget by far the greatest play I have seen. His arm is so good and his batting abilities omg.I was so dissapointed to hear in 07-08 that he didnt sign, but today my dad called me from Dominican Republic and told me he signed for 1.6 million ohhhhhhh man I am so excited for him.I hope he lives up to all the hype, I think he will."
Moving off topic now. I am leaving for Spain tomorrow for 3 weeks and will not be writing anything for bravesmix.com over this time. I have been writing for this site for only a very short time, and look forward to covering this team with a discerning eye all year long. I haven't had the oppurtunity to introduce myself to you fine readers yet, my name is Jason Treadway and I live in Asheville North Carolina. I have another blog call the Free Radical Show. I am sure I will be giving updates about the Spanish hooligan scene and Rugby there. Be my friend at Facebook if you like what you read. You can follow me on Twitter. My youtube channel is loaded. And for those that use couchsurfing.com here is my profile that has the most factual evidence of who I am and how I tick. Go Braves!

Jason Treadway

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