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2010 Atlanta Braves Prediction Special

So I counsulted my many Oracles and came up with these predictions. It will be fun to see how well I do. That said lets go around the horn.

1B Troy Glaus 271. 22 HR 79 RBI

For the money I would be happy with that line.

2B Martin Prado 289. 27 HR 99 RBI

I think he is the Braves breakout performer. And Bobby is going to stick with him all year this time.

SS Yunel Escobar 311. 18 HR 100 RBI

Another contender for breakout performer. He will improve.

3B Chipper Jones 329. 12 HR 79 RBI

Chippers best days are gone and I pray to an altar he stays healthy for 145 games.

C Brian McCann 347. 22 hr 102 RBI

The I Ching predicted a batting title for the Braves young catcher. He has one of the best swings in Baseball and will compete with Joe Mauer as the baseballs best hitting catcher.

LF Jason Heyward 241. 9 hr 30 RBI Melky Cabrera 299. 10 HR 39 RBI

The Tarot predicted a rough year for Jason Heyward. Predicting financial tension for baseballs hottest prospect.

CF Nate Mclouth 267. 12 HR 69 RBI 17 SB

I hope for a better year from Nate Mclouth. He is a hard worker and intense guy, heath is his biggest concern.

RF Matt Diaz 289. 22 HR 89 RBI

The Runes say Matt Diaz will achieve all his goals and savor victory next year. He hasn't done it yet but Captain Caveman is really fun to watch swing. Would have rated him a bit higher but I don't see him playing a full season.


  1. That would be great production from top to bottom. Think you may be a little too optimistic on power numbers for Prado and Diaz. Hope your right though! It wouldn't surprise me if Escobar topped 20 hr. My gut feeling is McClouth will do a little better (.270/18hr/75rbi/20 steals). If Chipper and Glaus play 145 games each with good run production we could be in for a good year. Great blog, come on spring!

  2. I predict that only the McLouth prediction is feasible. Particulary there is no way Prado gets those power numbers from the 2 spot with McLouth in front of him and Heyward in the 8 spot. The rest are off too.

  3. And McCann won't hit for that average while catching. The Twins can always DH Mauer when they want to.

  4. Heyward doesn't have a 8 spot yet. And with all the doubles Prado hit last year there is no reason to think he cant hit more than 25 HR.

  5. I do think Prado will display more power over time. Seriously doubt he will jump to a 25-35 homer hitter. He is in the 2 hole and often just tries to drive one thru the right side when he gets two strikes. Then there is hitting behind the runner and bunting. Not likely he will have the number of opportunities to really lay into one.

  6. i hate to say it but some of your numbers are off. prado especially, i hope otherwise, but he ain't gonna hit 27 homers, maybe 15 to 20. Same for diaz, somewhere in middle to high teens for homers. and while yes chipper's power has declined over the years he will hit more than 12 especially with the way we performed last year, he will bounce back and i say .310 with 23 homers and somewhere in the 80 rbi range

  7. Off ? How can they be off? They are predictions and opinions. And he did use Oracles.