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Griff says…McGwire’s Steroids Confession Doesn’t Hold Up Under Testing

Let me first say I was an avid Mark McGwire fan until the baseball steroids hearings a few years ago. I can’t remember being so disappointed, incredulous, insulted and skeptical of someone who was supposed to be there to tell the truth about steroids. Did he really not realize that everyone who heard him from that moment on was convinced he had taken steroids? My impression was that he came across a bit slow and less than intelligent. Of course he now blames that series of miscues on his lawyers, stating they told him to avoid the comments because he was not offered the proper immunity. Either that was poor advice or a crock.

It seems to me he is still not accepting accountability. Apparently we are supposed to believe that he is finally coming forward now, after all these years, to tell the truth because he just can’t stand hiding it anymore. It seems much more plausible to me that he had to because the Cardinals required a formal statement as a condition for job acceptance or that he was worried about the relentless daily media questions and stress, or both. If it was the latter he is in for a surprise as he has just given the media new fodder that will create more stress and exacerbate the conflict even longer because he will now be available to the media on a regular basis for the rest of the year.

Whatever his real reasons and intentions for his confession at this time, good or bad, he messed it all up again. I wouldn’t have thought he could do worse than the hearings but he may have broken yet another baseball record!

McGwire has to either be incredibly vain and self-absorbed or ignorant. It is incredulous to me that he says he does not know what substance he took for over a decade and that he thinks it did not help him hit home runs. If he thinks most people believe him he is truly ignorant. For someone to take steroids for so many years you would have to posit that he would have learned a little about them by now. Does he really believe that the steroid he took was so selective in its effects that it was able to distinguish its purpose in his body chemistry and help himself heal faster but not make his muscles and vision stronger? He says he took small doses so I guess he thinks it had little impact. Yet he did indeed rehab quickly and effectively, as well as increase his home runs. That’s no little impact.

As far as I know, steroids are not selective like that. If he did take some specific unknown steroid substance that only enhances the rehab process but not muscle and strength-building or vision, then he better name it so that the community can verify that he’s correct. It seems preposterous to me but I’m willing to keep an open mind about it. Oh yeah, but that won’t happen because he doesn’t remember the name. Of course for some reason he cannot go back to the doctors or suppliers of said drug and confirm what it was exactly. How stupid does he think the public is?

From my limited knowledge of steroids, not only does it aid the rehab process and build muscle mass much faster than normal, but it also enhances vision. I suppose he thinks increased visual acuity has no impact on hitting a baseball either. No I’m sure it was his unique hitting technique that imparted extra backspin on the ball which created the lift needed for more frequent home runs. Yeah, that’s it.

Look, I’ve already forgiven him for what he did. But who I really feel sorry for is the clean players of that era like Chipper who did it the right way and will endure potentially tainted reputations simply because they played in the steroids era.

For McGwire to think that his home run record and many of the other home run years he had were not improved by taking steroids is totally foolish. In this instance, telling the truth has certainly not enhanced his chances to get into the Hall of Fame. I for one have to vote against it.

He went on to explain all the times in his life that he was a proven homerun hitter and the records he created. But how do we know that the year he broke the home run record he would have only hit 30 if he had not been on steroids? Or maybe he would have had a shortened season due to inability to rehab soon enough to have a productive season. The whole idea is nonsense and quite insulting to my intelligence.

In order to accept his statement at all, I have to believe that the only purpose for his confession was the innate benefit of a confession itself – coming clean and asking for forgiveness. Hopefully he now feels better, although it appears that he will continue on with a deluded image of his baseball feats and himself. I see that he received a hero’s welcome the other day in St. Louis. He is the local favorite so I guess they will ignore the holes in his confession and move on. Not sure anyone outside of a St. Louis fan will agree however. When will we get the real story from any of these guys? Who's coming forward next? Griff says...later.


  1. I grew up watchin that guy. I was always a fan of his. watched his record breaking HR on tv. (im in Ca.) Even up untill now I always gave him the benefit of the doubt. His steroid use was always a consideration in the back of my mind as im sure everyone elses too. His live interview was NOT what I expected. I couldnt believe what I was hearing. You said it Griff., An insult and a big slap in the face to the public and fans. "A god givin talent", come on now. To have used the majority of your career too? I for one have lost all respect for the man. A-rod handled it well with an honest no bs confession. McGwire's was just an admission with an excuse for his actions. "I wish I never played in that era." -dover

  2. We are all now wishing he never played in that era too. I think using for that long, you have to throw out everything he did because there is no way to tell what was real. Maybe he was really only an above average player and not a superstar.